Theorize Chords & Progressions

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 Theorize Chords & Progressions is a chord sequencer for creating complete procedural progressions, a user friendly way to add inversions and extended chords with a few clicks.

Create melodys from more than 100 chords then humanize,add portemento, inversions or modulate to any key that fits the project.

Updated for Live 11.

New Features:

*Added Randomize.

*Added Midi Trigger - Now you can create more complex sequences by playing each sequence using the keyboard from middle C to A by selecting "Midi Sequence" Instead of "Playback" trigger style.Before the it was straight sequential now you can play any sequence position when ever you want.

*Added Copy Paste for editting sequences.

*Added Theme Colors.wip


*Add folder to Live browser

*Select b.json from the preset drop down menu for init.

*Can only adjust when playback is stopped

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Theorize Chords & Progressions

0 ratings